Join the 30 Day Smoothie Challenge!

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What is the 30-day

Smoothie Challenge?


Our 30-day smoothie challenge is a wellness program designed to provide employees with nutrient-densed, whole food smoothies for 30 days. Because guess what...starting the day off with a balanced meal, full of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates is the only way to start the day!  Our smoothies are perfectly pre-packaged for a meal replacement or a yummy satisfying snack.

 How the program works:

During the challenge period, we will deliver 10 individual 16 oz, pre-portioned smoothie packages every other week so you  can make a daily smoothie at home or in the office. We focus on sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and work with organic farms who value sustainable practices whenever possible. We believe that small, healthy changes make a difference.

Easy As 1-2-3

Receive Package
Receive Organic Fruit and Superfood
Add Liquid
Use your prefered base, water, almond milk or coconut water
Combine Ingredients...Blend and Enjoy

Benefits of this challenge:

30 days of fruits and vegetables prepped for you

Quick and easy to prepare

Helps to achieve weight loss goals

Provides you with more energy for a productive day

Helps to strengthen the immune system for optimal health

Interested in this program?

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30-day smoothie challenge