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This ebook showcases delicious smoothie recipes that offer powerful health benefits.  Our smoothies will help to:


  • Build your immune system
  • Give you more energy, a
  • Assist with weight loss and so much more!


40 pages jam-packed with valuable information. 


Once you try one of these smoothies, I promise your body will thank you for providing it with the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs "daily" to maintain optimal health.


Here's what you will receive:


  • 20 recipes that even your children will enjoy!


  • Highlights and the healing benefits of various fruit and vegetables; some listed in the recipes and others as suggestions for creating your own delightful recipe.


Making smoothies that taste great and have added benefits is a breeze just make one of our favorite blends or use the ingredient list to blend or modify your own.


This information was carefully compiled by health and wellness coach Denishi Blake.


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