Choose your package

We have pedal powered smoothie bar packages to cater small or large events from Wellness and Health Fairs, Corporate events, Conferences, Schools, and Expos. 

Choose a package that works best for your event:

  1. Just the blender bikes;
  2. Blender bikes, smoothies, and our energetic upbeat staff to run your event.

Just the Bike Package

This package is ideal for people who can do their own food shopping and want to run the event themselves.  Great for birthday parties, schools or fundraisers. 


Includes blender bike(s), recipes, delivery, and pick up. 

The FULL Pedal Package

Let us take care of everything for your event; this package is ideal for Wellness Fairs, Corporate events, Expos, and Conferences.

Includes our Pedal Powered bike blenders,  all your fresh ingredients, recipes,  one or two energetic Pedal Powered Smoothie Bar staff members and delivery set up/pack up.

General info:

*Transportation fees will be added for any event outside a 30 mile radius of Richmond, CA

*Bikes (suitable for 7 year old's and up)

*All prices include general liability insurance (up to $1 million)

*Our bikes need a 10′ x 6′ space to prepare ingredients, fit the bike, crew and table

*Please read the “Terms and Conditions” before agreeing to the hire contract.